With its mirror-polished body, guilloched dial and a set of diamonds, the new fake Tag Heuer Link Lady (ref. WAT1414.BA0954) wrist watch could have been a serious competitor to the gorgeous Omega DeVille Ladymatic model, if only it wasn’t powered by a simple quartz movement instead of a high-grade automatic caliber.

Only 29 millimeters in diameter, the watch is also quite slim measuring less than 10 millimeters top to bottom, so there is a good chance that it will look great even on very small wrists. On the other hand (no pun intended), the watch is still a good contender for those ladies who don’t care about the movement and other technicalities and simply look for a beautiful trinket that also tells time.

TAG Heuer Link Lady watch replica

TAG Heuer Link Lady watch replica

The precious stones set on the bezel are accompanied with 11 more diamonds that also serve as hour markers and look especially attractive thanks to the concentric wave pattern guilloche that decorates the silvered face of the generous fake Tag Heuer Link watch.

Although its mirror-polished case is crafted not from white gold, but from an ordinary stainless steel alloy, the new timekeeper still looks extremely elegant thanks to its fluid lines and almost four dozens of diamonds that adorn its rather thin bezel. The nicely shaped setting crown that also happens to offer a very good grip, too, helps this timekeeper to look even more impressive.

The design, while looking gorgeous and all, clearly reduces its perceived “value for money” ratio for the purposes of this brief review especially if you factor in its minimum recommended price of $5600. Well, I am fairly certain that the Link Lady will soon be available from numerous “non-official” online retailers around the world with huge discounts that will probably make it a more attractive purchase.

As the name implies, the TAG Heuer Link Lady comes with their new “Link” bracelet. Constructed from Z-shaped elements, the bracelet is known not only for its elegant appearance, but also for its convenience and wearing comfort. Unfortunately, it also means that finding a replacement bracelet from a third-party manufacturer may be a bit problematic since the Tag Heuer copy watch features non-standard lugs.