The legendary skeleton Corum Bubble Dazzle replica watch is back with a burst of precious colors! Corum has created three unique pieces to mark the beginning of 2016, an especially effervescent year. With the acclaimed reintroduction of the Bubble the year before, 2016 is the time to reveal in the rebirth of an icon. Now the Bubble is about to become even more exceptional, with three one-off editions paved with dazzling precious stones.

When it was first introduced in the year 2000, the Bubble was a phenomenon, a watch replica so successful it became emblematic of the era. Last year it was remade, preserving the same iconic form, with two exclusive limited editions.

Only three will be made, with each a singular creation distinguished by baguette-cut diamonds and gemstone hour markers, all set by hand, a task that requires hundreds of hours.Even in the rarefied world of haute joaillerie timepieces, the Bubble High Jewellery Skeleton is singularly rare.

Corum Bubble Dazzle for the New Year


Past the dazzling gemstones on the dial, the CO 055 calibre is showcased under the monumental sapphire crystal, tall enough it serves as a loupe to magnify the delicate details of the movement. Positioned slightly off-center in keeping with the quirky spirit of the Bubble, the movement has been reduced to its bare essentials, with the bridges and base plate skeletonized by hand.

The imposing white gold Corum Bubble copy watchcase provides an ample canvas to which the master gem-setter applies his skills. Each watch replica is set with 131 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial, and a further 42 on the bezel, totaling a stunning 5.7 carats of diamonds. What makes each timepiece utterly irreplaceable are the 12 baguette-cut gems that form the hour markers, being either rubies, blue sapphires or black sapphires.

What remains of the movement is then decorated with a floral motif, save for the barrel that is open-worked to form the Corum key logo. Executed entirely by hand, the engraving differs ever so slightly between movements, further enhancing the unique nature of each watch.

Each High Jewellery Corum Bubble Skeleton copy watch is fitted to an alligator hide strap finished in the same shade as the gemstone hour markers, and paired with a white gold pin buckle.