Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller unveils the Franck Muller “Proud to be Emirati” replica Limited Edition Collection

Renowned to be the master of complications, Franck Muller launched the ultimate exemplar of national pride and exclusive luxury: The “Proud to be Emirati” Limited Edition Collection. Distinguished by the nature of its inexhaustible sources of inspiration, the “Proud to be Emirati” Limited Edition Collection features futuristic aesthetics, stands proud and shares United Arab Emirates’ revolutionary vision.

In the years since its establishment, mens fake Franck Muller watch has become a must-have commodity for the world’s watch experts.Franck Muller as a brand can relate to the UAE in a fundamental way. Both have experienced exponential growth, due to dedication, passion and a strong commitment to hard work. Since its establishment in 1991, in the village of Genthod, close to Geneva, Franck Muller and co-founder Vartan Sirmakes created a brand that quickly gained worldwide recognition for its unique craftsmanship, innovative technicalities and superior quality.

Franck Muller Proud to be Emirati” Limited Edition replica

Franck Muller Proud to be Emirati” Limited Edition replica

Intricately designed on the timeless Franck Muller’s Vanguard Classic Collection, the dial bears the emblem of UAE, The Falcon; with the words “Proud to be Emirati” which are embellished on the back case.

Instead of the regular spring-bar technique, the strap is artistically integrated into the case with the help of two unseen screws. The rubber on the inside of the strap effortlessly takes the form of a bold wrist, while the Croco on the top instills grace. Modeled to perfection, the handsome blend of rubber and Croco creates absolute harmony with the iconic Cintrée Curvex case. With its dynamic masculine look and unparalleled style, this collection rightly puts Franck Muller in the vanguard of a new design trend.

All colours including green, white, red and black are considered Pan-Arab colours that signify unity, peace and purity, prosperity, sacrifice, power, dignity and authority. Meanwhile, the falcon in the UAE emblem symbolises force and courage as well as pays tribute to 2,000 year old Arabic tradition and culture of falconry.

With the classic Curvex case and distinct numerals, the Vanguard collection flaunts clean aesthetics, breathes individuality with its harmonious contours, flawless finesse and impeccably balanced proportions. Lines and curves have been worked to brew elegance along with its sporty characteristics.The case of the cheap price Franck Muller Proud to be Emirati limited edition watch has all seven Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman imprinted along with a statement “United As One” that symbolises the unity and strength of the UAE.

The “Proud to be Emirati Collection” comes in carbon, rose gold and titanium- 44 pieces each material to represent 44 years of UAE as a country. It has been exclusively released at the Swiss-made fake Franck Muller Boutique at The Dubai Mall beginning on the 27th of November 2015, days ahead of the UAE’s celebration of National Day on the 2nd of December 2015.