The project was to put a gen dial in a Gen Dial Franck Muller Long Island replica watch. The dials weren’t in perfect shape, they have a few scratches here and there and I had to touch up the lume in a couple places, but overall, between the color of the dial and the brightness of the lume, the imperfections are hard to see to the naked eye. Both dials had holes for a date at 6, so I ordered an eta 2824 with a date wheel for 6 o’clock once I verified it would fit. I got the watch from watcheden for cheap ($88) and two really nice copper-colored dials off ebay. One of the dials was lumed and the other was not.

After the movement holder was done, the rest was pretty simple. I cut down the stem so the crown would fit tight, buttoned everything up and checked for rattles. Luckily there is a lip inside the caseback that holds the steel plate pretty tight up against the case, so there isn’t any rattling of the holder inside the movement.

Franck Muller Long Island replica watch

Franck Muller Long Island replica watch

Here’s a collage showing the steps involved in making the movement holder: You can also see my very crappy attempt at perlage in the last two pics. Overall it’s not quite up to swiss standards, but it works. Grinding the outside of the blank to fit the case, grinding a lip inside the hole to hold the movement while allowing the rotor to spin, cutting out two nubs at the proper depth for the movement screws to hold, and polishing the piece up.

I had to install the tallest cannon pinion/hour wheel combo possible to get the right clearance, and I also shaved off the second hand pin and capped the cannon pinion with a small bit of polished steel to match the gen.

The finished shape of the hands I made is not all that close to the gen, in my opinion. The ones I made are rather thicker than the gen and the overall proportions are different, but I sort of like them this way. I might decide to make a pair closer to the gen later on, but for now I’m sticking with these.

I’ll probably keep on the lookout for a gen strap for this one, and as I said before I might end up redoing the hands altogether to get them as close to the gen as I can. Maybe I’ll even try with some white gold sheet metal if I’m feeling daring. The real neat part of the Swiss-made fake Franck Muller Long Island watch is that it has 24mm lugs, so I can switch straps around with my 111 🙂 Also the copper dial is pretty unusual.