The House of Breguet Touch Watch Replica recently hosted an exclusive private screening of the movie “Darkest Hour” one month ahead of its official release on January 12th 2018. For the purposes of this film with Gary Oldman as Churchill, a replica of the N°765 pocket watch bequeathed to Sir Winston Churchill was created.

The key media in the UK which were present at the event in London had the opportunity to see the replica of the watch worn by the former prime minister, a passionate devotee of Breguet Watch Xxi Replica timepieces, who was never apart from his N°765, known as the “Turnip”. Alongside the replica, the Classique collection has been put in the spotlight through the presentation of several emblematic creations. Hosts of the evening also learned of the strong relationship between Churchill and Breguet.

Breguet debuted the Breguet Watches Review Replica 1160 Marie Antoinette “replica” back in 2008. I covered the narrative, with a lot more background information regarding the original Breguet 160, its own narrative, loss, and eventual recovery. If you’re interested in this story, I highly recommend checking out that article because the narrative of the reference 160 Marie Antoinette timepiece is one that all watch fans should know.More so, a number of elements of the history, both long ago and contemporary, of the 160 continue to a degree mostly unknown to the public. It is really a pure coincidence that Breguet unveiled the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette pocket watch just weeks after the first 160 was discovered. Now, the Breguet 160 Marie Antoinette “first” pocket watch is on display in the L. A. Mayer museum in Jerusalem, Israel. It’s more than likely the very precious horological thing in existence.I cite the aforementioned coincidence because many people mistakenly believed that the brand released the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette due to the re-discovery of the 160. This isn’t right. Breguet had been secretly working on replicating the 160 for about five years up to there. The contemporary Breguet brand is named for its first founder Abraham-Louis Breguet. Often known as the “grandfather” (or father) of contemporary watchmaking, the Breguet brand lasted for many generations through various relatives following his death.In the 1980s Breguet was introduced to existence in its own modern iteration through a new group of investors mostly separated from the original Breguet family (however, now, parts of the original Breguet family are a part of their new again). It was watch maker and designer Daniel Roth who shaped the modern look of the brand’s wrist watches being motivated by historical Breguet pieces. Just something like 5,000 Breguet watches and clocks were produced during Abraham-Louis Breguet’s lifetime.

Winston Churchill and the watch brand

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After this preview showing in England, Breguet organized a soiree dedicated to the movie in New York City. The event gathered VIP clients and journalists to show the brand’s strong ties to Sir Winston Churchill. After the screening, guests discovered the most recent creations of the Manufacture.